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Established in 1993, Electromecánica y Automatizados S.A. de C.V. (EYASA) offers engineering services with special emphasis on the maquiladora industry. Based in Matamoros and Reynosa Tamaulipas, our project sites continue to expand throughout North Eastern Mexico.

EYASA is able to dedicate highly qualified personnel to complete projects of varying sizes and complexities. Our staff is composed of engineers, technical specialists and support personnel, qualified with ample experience in the industrial manufacturing field of our region at both the managerial and as project leaders.

Equipped with proper tools and specialized personal, EYASA has the ability to handle planning, design and implementation of industrial and civil engineering works of many different types:


Machinery and Industrial Equipment installations

Low and high voltage Electrical Power Installations
Parts Procurement
Civil Construction
Sort and Rework outsourcing
Assembly line product selection

All of our projects are covered by liability insurance for up to
one million dollars.

Please contact us for a consultation or customized solutions for your specific needs, we can help you deliver projects on-time and on-schedule.

DUN & BRADSTREET - Registration Number:

DUN & BRADSTREET No. 813008935
About Us
About Us
EYASA, service provider to the Maquiladora Industry in Matamoros and Reynosa Tamaulipas, and in Northeastern Mexico.


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