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Estamos en proceso para la certificación del ISO 9001:2000

At EYASA we are committed to excellence in all of our activities, the fact that we are in the process for ISO 9001:2000 certification shows that we are aware of the needs and interests of the industries which we work with, and that all of our products and services exceed quality expectations.


We have contracted the services of registered company, to provide ISO 9001:2000 inspection and certification.



Dr. Rubén Calderón director of TÜV América de México delivers the commitment of  ISO 9001:2000 audit to EYASA's Director Jorge Álvarez Longoria , on April 13, 2004.

Luis R. Salazar Reynosa Operation Manager, Dr. Rubén Calderón director of TÜV América de México, EYASA's Director Jorge Álvarez Longoria and outside consultant "Master Black Belt" Ing. Jorge Gutiérrez Ledezma for ISO 9001:2000.

"To provide on-time quality services, that satisfy Our Clients, based on continued improvement. "

Our commitment to audit with TÜV América de México, is to be audited by the third quarter of 2004. .

2005 is our ISO 9001 year!
DUNN & BRADSTREET No. 812691525
ISO 9001:2000
EYASA, service provider to the Maquiladora Industry in Matamoros and Reynosa Tamaulipas, and in Northeastern Mexico.


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